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Economisti e scienza economica nell'Italia liberale (1848-1922). Una storia istituzionale
Author: Massimo M. Augello, Marco E.L. Guidi    Year: 2019    Type: New Publications

Capitalism in the Ottoman Balkans. Industrialisation and Modernity in Macedonia
Author: Costas Lapavitsas, Pinar Cakiroglu    Year: 2019    Type: New Publications

Industrie entre Méditerranée et Europe XIXe-XXIe siècle
Author: Mauve Carbonell, Xavier Daumalin, Ivan Kharaba, Olivier Lambert, Olivier Raveux    Year: 2019    Type: New Publications

Capital and Ideology
Author: Thomas Piketty    Year: 2020    Type: New Publications

The Value of Everything. Making and Taking in the Global Economy
Author: Marianna Mazzucato    Year: 2019    Type: New Publications

Της αναιδείας θεάματα. Κοινωνική ιστορία της Αποκριάς στην Αθήνα, 1800-1940
Author: Νίκος Ποταμιάνος    Year: 2020    Type: New Publications