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Commodities in History: Theoretical Reflections and Empirical Case Studies

Juan Carmona-Zabala (ed.)
Institute for Mediterranean Studies - IMS, 2023 [SBN 978-618-85195-5-8]
Type: New Publications


Juan Carmona-Zabala, Introduction: Commodities in History 

Part I. Commodity Regimes
Ernst Langthaler / Maximilian Martsch / Gabriel
Tober, Conceptualizing Historical Commodity Studies: The Case of Soy 
Juan Carmona-Zabala, Four Regimes of Value in the History of Greek Tobacco, 1871-1981 

Part II. Commodities and Empire
Atar David, The Order of the Phoenix: Imperial EcoPolitics on the Ottoman and American Date Palm Commodity Frontiers, 1869-1904 
Siddharth Sridhar, The International Rubber. Regulation Agreement and the Remaking of the British Empire in the Bay of Bengal

Part III. Commodity Status(es)
Semih Gökatalay, National Commodity for whom? A Social History of Oranges in Early Republican Turkey 
Drew Swanson, From Wild Game to Wildlife The Decommodification of American Hunting, 1890-1940

Part IV. Commodities and Economic Development
Manuel Vaquero Piñeiro and Luciano Maffi, Black Sea Durum Wheat between the 19th and 20th centuries: International Trade and Industrial development in Italy 
Tryfonas Lemontzoglou and Juan Carmona Zabala, Evolution of the crop composition of Greek agriculture before EEC accession: evidence from seven representative crops in 52 districts 

Part V. Tobacco, Supply Chains and Production Networks in Southeastern Europe
Kaleb Herman Adney, Tobacco and the Social Lives of
Credit – Global Credit Markets and the Supply Chain of Oriental Tobacco 
Nikos Alexis, From National Chain(s) to Global Networks: Competition and Adaptation in the Greek Cigarette Industry (1950-1980) 
Dimitrios Stergiopoulos, The Establishment of EOK and State Economic Policy in the Postwar Greek Tobacco Sector

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