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Local economy and tourism development: the archaeological tourism of Heraklion Prefecture 1930-1962

Σπύρος Δημανόπουλος
Department of History and Archaeology, Faculty of Humanities and Arts, University of Crete, June 2023
Type: Dissertations


Nowadays, tourism is a fundamental relationship that connects Crete, Heraklion with the national economy, international markets and off-island societies. The established and internationally recognised representation of the island depicts Crete as a place with a long history, since a prehistoric civilisation of archetypal importance for modern western societies developed here, and at the same time as a place for holiday and summer recreation. The reconstruction of the mechanisms that allowed tourism to become an economic, political, ideological and cultural link between Crete and national and international society is the subject of this thesis. More specifically, I examine archaeological tourism as the particular way of integrating the Heraklion region into the international and national tourism networks of the Interwar period. In this thesis, archaeological tourism, like any form of tourism, is linked to the market and the development of capitalist relations of production. Thus, archaeological tourism is examined within the broader economic structures of the region and the reproduction of local social relations.



Chadziiosif Christos (supervisor)

Zacharatos Gerasimos

Petmezas Socrates

Zei Eleytheria

Zaimakis Yiannis

Kokkinakis Yiannis

Matalas Paraskevas