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From Old Regime to Industrial State: A History of German Industrialization from the Eighteenth Century to World War I

Richard H. Tilly and Michael Kopsidis
The University of Chicago Press, Chicago 2020 [ISBN: 9780226725437, 312 pages | 3 maps, 23 line drawings, 66 tables]
Type: New Publications


In From Old Regime to Industrial State, Richard H. Tilly and Michael Kopsidis question established thinking about Germany’s industrialization. While some hold that Germany experienced a sudden breakthrough to industrialization, the authors instead consider a long view, incorporating market demand, agricultural advances, and regional variations in industrial innovativeness, customs, and governance.  They begin their assessment earlier than previous studies to show how the 18th-century emergence of international trade and the accumulation of capital by merchants fed commercial expansion and innovation. This book provides the history behind the modern German economic juggernaut.


Introduction, with Reflections on the Role of Institutional Change

Part One: Old Regime and Eighteenth-Century Origins of German Industrialization

One / Population and the Economy
Two / German Regions and the Beginnings of Early Industrialization
Three / Agricultural Change from the 1760s to the Early Nineteenth Century
Four / Institutional Change and the Role of Early Nineteenth-Century Prussian-German Reforms

Part Two: Early Industrialization, 1815–1848/49

Five / Early Industrialization, Government Policies, and the German Zollverein
Six / The Crises of the 1840s

Part Three: The Growth of Industrial Capitalism up to the 1870s

Seven / “Industrial Breakthrough” and Its Leading Sectors
Eight / Labor and Capital in the Industrial Breakthrough Period
Nine / Agriculture in the Period of Take-Off and Beyond
Ten / Money and Banking in the Railway Age

Part Four: Germany’s Emergence as an Industrial Power, 1871–1914

Eleven / Growth Trends and Cycles
Twelve / The Growth of Industrial Enterprise, Large and Small
Thirteen / Industrial Finance, Money, and Banking
Fourteen / Germany in the World Economy, 1870s to 1914
Fifteen / Urban Growth, 1871–1914: Economic and Social Dimensions

Epilogue: German Industrialization from a Twentieth-Century Perspective