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Linkages of the Black Sea with the West. Navigation, Trade and Immigration

Maria Christina Chatziioannou and Apostolos Delis (eds)
Centre of Maritime History, Institute for Mediterranean Studies-FORTH, Rethymnon 2020 [ISBN: 978-618-81780-8-3]
Type: New Publications



Table of Contents
1. Introduction: The Linkages of the Black Sea, Maria Christina Chatziioannou and Apostolos Delis 

2. Navigating perilous waters: routes and hazards of the voyages to Black Sea in the nineteenth century, Apostolos Delis 

3. The port of Trieste and the Black Sea economic challenges, Maria Christina Chatziioannou 

4. Ionian trade in the Russian Black Sea and settlement in the Danube (1815-1864), Panayotis Kapetanakis 

5. From the Black Sea to the Pampas: the migratory movements to South America, 1870-1914, Maria Damilakou 

6. The business of migration between Odessa and New York, 1892-1924. Managing maritime routes and passenger flows, Per Kristian Sebak 

Biographical notes 


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